Los Angeles Stump Removal Services

Sometimes simply removing the tree isn’t enough. While it might seem to make sense to just let the stump be in the ground, this can actually pose a tripping threat to people, or be a nightmare for homeowners. Unfortunately, the tree stump can become a breeding grounds for fungi, mold, pests, or worst of all, termites. The actual stump must be removed in these cases, before it impacts your home in a negative manner.

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How does Arbor Tree Care perform stump removal in Los Angeles, CA?

With the use of industrial equipment, the old, dying stump is actually ground up into a near splinter-like type of sawdust that safely sits in the ground providing fertilizer. This material can easily be planted over and provides an enormous boost in nutrients for any plants or grass you wish to cover the area. The experienced and highly trained arborists here at Arbor Tree Care utilize a variety of specialty equipment which can rip through even the most stubborn of stumps, making mulch out of the previous resident. It will make a pulp-filled crater in the ground about four to six inches deep, again, the perfect patch for planting over.

The process of stump removal in Los Angeles, CA

Firstly, before anything relating to the stump can be addressed, professionally performed tree removal in Los Angeles, CA is necessary, of course. Once this is completed, all the rocks and tough roots which remain in the area must be removed or dug up to prevent damage to the blades of the equipment or your lawn. Then trained Arbor Tree Care arborists take a chainsaw to trim what's left of the tree as close to the ground as possible, ideally it would be flush with the ground though that’s not always possible. That’s when the industrial machinery comes in. The goal is to slowly grind from one side of the stump to the other, pausing every now and then to clear the dirt away from the sap. Afterwards, raking all the wood chips to be flush to the ground will create the perfect environment for a brand new garden or lawn to be planted.